Sunday, October 07, 2007

Back in Singapore

I'M BACK!!! I have came back looking very rotund (from all the food and beer) and extremely flaky (from the dry weather and not slathering enough body lotion) :p

So did you all miss me? Not even a teensy weensy bit? But of course you guys miss me, I mean how can you not, right? Haha ......... being away from all of you for so long makes me go a little nutty and I think the jet lag is not helping either :p

I miss Singapore and I miss blogging soooo much! It's pure nightmare not to have internet access whenever you want it. But now that I am back, I find that all I want to do is sleep whenever I am in front of the computer. The trip was terribly exhausting and now I find myself dozing off at all possible times.

We have taken tons and tons of photos - close to 2000 pics! I have just managed to upload them but please do give me some time to sort them out before I can post it. Arghhh ....... so much to do and so little time!

My godma and her friends from Hong Kong went along with us to England and Czech as well. After that, they stopped over in Singapore before flying back to Hong Kong. I had sorted these pics out already so I'll first show you these pics taken in Singapore.

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At the Merlion Park Meg with my Godma, Sandy and her boyfriend
There's me with my wind-blown hair and the other lady is aunty Ling
I had forgotten that Singapore can look that beautiful
Hee ...... bought that top in England for only 1.5 pound
My lovely family
Brought them to Lau Pa Sat - my fav eating haunt
Her boyfriend especially flew over to Singapore to celebrate his birthday with her
Brought them to yet another fav haunt - Dragonfly! Hahaha ........
I haven't seen her in a couple of years and I missed her very much indeed!
Aunty Ling is a hoot! She can dance hours on her own - without the need for alcohol intoxication. Haha........ unlike me, no drinks, no dance :p
Precious darlings Marilyn and Kelly but Juliana couldn't make it.
Mar's super duper fun colleagues, Ben, Wendy & Jason, were also there. A big thank you for all your help in entertaining my Godma!
My Hong Kong guests had a great time!
Gulp, Ken & Eric arrived later
I wanted to take a pic with Ken but as usual, they all rush in - Kelly got cropped off & I don't know who's that guy behind. He's got the nerve to ask me if he's nice-looking & wants to take photo with me! I sent him to be dealt with by Ken :p Hahaha......
FJC bro, Eric
Trying to set him up with a very nice colleague of Mar. Erm ....... so Eric, what's her name huh?
Aiyoh Ben kena caught!
Finally peace to take pics on our own
Ken's buddies & sister
Gulp never lets me off & always insists that I take stout - he calls me queen of stout, which I told him I'm no more :p (As proven by that bewildered look on my face!)
Barely recovered from the jet lag & still had to party non-stop. Friday Dragonfly & Saturday Plush. Bought that cap in Czech btw :D
Celebrated Denise aka Wapiang aka 50DD's birthday
With all the OCs from FJC - Cheryl, Celine, Peishan & Juliana
Beats me why Raymond is holding tightly to the LV bag?
All the buayahs going after her 50DD!
The couples
On the dance platform - a cage concept. As much as I miss bar-top/ platform dancing, that would be my 1st & last time to Plush. It's got a super boring crowd & it's no wonder cos the DJs suck big time! Hardcore R&B stuff throughout. I mean I like R&B but sometimes too much is just too much. They totally can't read the crowd! Even after I have requested a change of repertoire, they continued as they like. No even 1 song catered to us. Well carry-on & the truth is not many hardcore R&B customers can spend enough to sustain your business. No loss for me.
Poor Ken didn't get to drink when we were in Europe, so he vowed to get drunk that night. But even he had to admit that the place was too boring to get drunk.
Super chio Denise
Haha ..... K.O.

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