Wednesday, January 02, 2008

My baby girl is in Primary 1

After the past few months of anticipation and preparation, the big day we had been waiting for had finally arrived. Megan goes to Primary 1!

I can't believe it. How time flies. It seems only yesterday that she was a wee baby and now in a blink of an eye, I have a daughter who is attending primary school. As much as I hate to admit it, I am old :p Haha ~

She is enrolled in my old school, Haig Girls' Primary School. I get such a kick out of seeing her in the similar uniform that I once wore. It evokes such a warm familiar nostalgic feeling. I am sure my 2 dear sisters feels the same way too.

Meg was so excited about school today that she kept waking up last night. She woke up once at 11pm then asked me if it's time for school. I told her the time then she shot me an incredulous look and exclaimed "You mean I've only slept for a while?" Haha .......... Finally do you know what time she woke up for school today? 4.50am. 1 hour earlier than the time she's supposed to wake up. *groans* She kept waking me since she's up and I had no choice but to drag myself out of bed. I can't remember when was the last time I had to wake up at this unearthly hour.

The entire household went into a frenzy getting her ready for school. The maid helped her get changed, I tied her hair while Ken doled out her allowance and making sure she knows how to count her money. I berated myself for not teaching her about money and buying things and now she's pretty clueless about counting money.

After sending her off in the school bus, Ken and I drove down to the school ourselves. I specially took the day off to make sure she settles well in Primary school but the school didn't allow us in. Not even on 1st day! I was really disappointed that I didn't get to see how is she in school but I guess it's better for the school to take a tough stance on visitors since it's an all girls school.

When she got home, I was so curious about the ongoings that I threw her a thousand and one questions. She answered them up till a point when she asked me exasperatedly "Erm ......... why are you asking so many questions?" Urghhh ..... This girl sure has a way of putting her points across to me.

I give her $1.50 per day and she's absolutely thrilled with her newfound autonomy. She had never had this financial independence to buy whatever she liked without having to consult us, so naturally I am worried about her budgeting and her choice of food. True enough, the first thing she proudly declares today was that she had a lot of money left over. (A lot of money = fifty cents.) So I asked her what did she eat and she replied 2 packets of seaweed. Huh??!! $1 on 2 packets of seaweed! No wonder she's famished by the time she reached home -_-"'

But other than that, I am glad to learn that she's taking well to the new surroundings and people so far. I am proud to say that she's never been a kid to cry on the 1st day in school, not even in playgroup or nursery.

*Mummy is so proud of you, my darling girl. You are growing up to be a real fine young lady. Do your best in school and don't be daunted by difficulties that may come your way. I promise I have your back so just give it all you've got. And whatever you do, have fun! I love you! *muacks*

P.S. Edmund & Marilyn - Thanks for the big ang pow to encourage Meg in school. We are extremely touched by the sweet thoughtful gesture. Love you guys!

Standing proud in her new uniform The hair was tied skewed but didn't have time to re-tie it :p I attempted to tie it again while waiting for the school bus but it arrived before I could finish. I could hear some parents sniggering in the background & the school bus had to wait for us while I finish up with her hair. Meg was so embarrassed that she kept hurrying me & I pulled out a lot of her hair in the process. *ouch*
We can't do anything but stand outside the gate
Most of the parents had left the school compound by now but Ken & I were still hovering around the gate, hoping to catch a glimpse of Megan. Haha ........ We are super kaisu :p
Finally they are walking back to class from assembly
We saw Meg going to the toilet so we trained our eyes on the corridor hoping to have a closer look at her when she walks back to the classroom
There she is! We shouted her name & she turned back to briefly glance at us. Then that's all. No 2nd look, no wave nor signs of recognition. Ken & I were debating if she saw us. Ken said no but I said yes. Knowing her personality, she would just act cool & not acknowledge us. Haha & bingo, I was right! She saw us but decided not to act on it. Sigh & to think that we hanged around the gate for over an hour just to catch a glimpse of her!

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