Friday, January 04, 2008

5... 4 ... 3... 2 ... 1... Happy New Year!!!

It's barely the 1st week into the new year and I had fallen sick. It's a combination of Upper Respiratory Tract Infection (URTI) and mild food poisoning, so now I am home on medical leave. Not the best way to get into my new boss's good books I must say :(

I am the last to blog about our new year eve's bash and I figured I had better get cracking asap. Ken and I were torn between clubbing and watching the fireworks. We were leaning more towards watching fireworks with Marilyn and Edmund because we had somewhat developed an aversion to clubbing. (Unbelievable right?) However after death threats from Mr. Smarty Andrew, we decided at the last second to join the FJC peeps in St. James Powerhouse instead :p

What better way than laughing into the new year with a bunch of really swell friends? (The only ones short were Marilyn & Kelly) And boy did we laugh! The night was hilarious! The FJC bunch never disappoints. They were loud, boisterous, unrestrained and side-splittingly entertaining. Just the way I love them :DDD

Andrew thinks that we took about 500 pics in total but I think not. With his cam, Ju's , Jamie's & mine combined, it should be about 1000 over pics just for that night alone. Tsk ...... Tsk ........ What a bunch of camera whores! (Haha ..... as if I am not :p)

On an entirely different note, when Jason was giving us a ride back home, I thought of grandma. The radio was playing 'I'll be there' by ESCAPE CLUB. I remember driving home from the crematorium & the radio was playing this song too. And I had joked to Erycka then that Grandma was sending us a sign. 1st few hours into the new year and I missed her so much. I am deeply saddened that she will not be with us in 2008 and she didn't get to see Meg start primary school. I couldn't help it but I started sobbing uncontrollably in the car. *I miss you grandma ...... I promise you that I will do well and the new year will be a great year for great things.*

Taking Jason's ride instead since we'll be drinking (a lot)
Reached the club & 1st thing is to look for the girls to pose for some pics while I still look sober & pretty :p
I was already fairly red in the face from the drinks, in the bottom 2 pics with Wendy & CynthiaMy darling Ju - we missed Marilyn & KellyHot! *sizzles*The guys also clamour for a group shotAndrew's face is so darn red even before the stroke of midnight
Although I had 200 pics of my own from that night, I couldn't resist pinching a few pics from Andrew's Flickr
Meg gave us her blessing & allowed both of us to go out party that night :pSome of the couples that night
Less than 1 minute to midnight ........
And we're off to 2008 with a big bang!
Barely into the first few minutes of the new year & Andrew is gone. Haha ..... caught you Jason! You think he super cannot make it, right?
He's so concussed that he doesn't even know Eric was popping ice cubes into his shirt
Everyone decided to pose around him since he's oblivious to the world. Wahahaha ........ I looked like I was licking his ear from that angle!
Lousy ....... puked in the club (M.R.P)........... Hahaha!
I think Jason is vying with James for the most 'want to be beaten up' (qian bian) face. If you don't believe, check out all his pics below.
And the cam whoring competition starts .......
They love utopia as much as I do (or maybe just a little bit lesser than me)
Andrew red as lobster in the 1st pic but had sobered up in the second
Couldn't collage the pics taken with eric cos my face will be cut off. We took so many photos that night but all skewed to my side :pI dunno wassup with all the finger pointing???
I realised I couldn't manage the victory sign without my little finger sticking out. So spastic!
We were trying to master this 'stick out tongue look' but never succeeded. Both of us just kept laughing at each other.
Whoever is this attention-seeking cam whore??!
One have to go to the ends of the earth to avoid them in order to take a decent pic around here :p
Hee~~ a moment alone at last
I think we're all pretty wasted from this point on
Andrew sobered up though
Keegan's secret identity - GAY!
And no FJC party is ever complete without them stripping somebody
Ken is forever the Chosen One
Constipated Marvin?
I'm not good with drawing but that's suppose to be a pool of drool!
They got very well acquainted with the floor that night
Told you no photo is safe with them around
That must have been the climax of the partyKen Ken acts cuteArghhh ..... I super act cute too :p
My heels! (For the record, I didn't get drunk & lose them. It's just I hate partying in heels. I merely placed them on the seats before they misappropriate it :p)
And then there's that mysterious EXIT sign ........
Other than beer, wines & champagnes, I've gotten averse to all other alcohol. Drinking just a bit makes me feel quite sick though not high. Told Andrew I was feeling uncomfortable & he advised me to puke. A trap! Cos the moment I heeded his advice, he took my pic!
Sitting by the roadside waiting for Jason's ride
Wanted to capture the moon above St. James Power Station but kinda blurry
Went to eat porridge in Chinatown. Ken might look plastered here but he managed to play mahjong with James, Jason & Andrew after that from 5am till 10am. *kowtow to the 4*

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