Monday, January 07, 2008

Still sick .........

Bah ....... still not feeling well. I should have rested more during the weekends but guess it's a little too late for regrets now.

Besides it was arranged sometime back to go go-karting in Malaysia on Saturday with the FJC bunch and I didn't want to be a spoilsport although Ken had gallantly offered to bring Meg there on his own.

And when Saturday came, I wasn't the spoilsport but the weather was. It was raining cats and dogs! We sat in the foodcourt of Jusco for hours waiting for the rain to stop. But it poured and it poured. We were already losing hope when suddenly the sky cleared. Thank God it wasn't a wasted trip.

And on Sunday, we attended Trista's wedding. I think it was the rain coupled with tiredness, I felt increasingly worse on Sunday. I had thought of backing out from the wedding dinner but I don't think Trista would ever forgive me (I wouldn't forgive myself either) and so at the last minute, I went anyway.

Had initially wanted Meg to try the go-karts as well but it's dangerous with the tracks so slippery Everyone's really excited that finally they get to go on the tracks
Ken is a happy man
So is Jason
Overcast sky making everything look drab & grey. The tracks were ultra wet & slippery as well. Many did doughnuts (spin round & round) without even stepping on the brakes.
Eh ......... not even 1 round yet. So who's that walking back instead of driving back??
And he looms into view! Accident!
So round & round they went
End of round1. All driving into the pit.
Ken said his legs were getting cramps
Getting ready for the 2nd round. I climbed onto a watchtower to get a bird's eye view.
I kinda got bored waiting & started snapping this wilted tree
A very well-behaved Meg. Actually she's behaves really well whenever we bring her out & everyone loves to have her around. You can't imagine how proud I am :DDD
There's Ju & Kelvin below waiting to snap pics of our F1 racers
It's really small but if you look carefully, you'll see that this person is in the opposite direction of the arrow
It's garang Wapiang (Denise)! She spinned & the worker came to help her.
Again not very clear but 3 cars here are facing totally different directions - more like facing each other. Most does doughnuts whenever they came to this bend.
A very satisfied but wet bunch
Trista & Raymond's wedding.
Trista is a very sweet girl & I feel really happy for her that she's found her happily ever after
Yum Seng with a twist. The groom will carry the bride for as long as we can drag the yum seng shouts.
I was a big nuisance & troubled Trista no end, to sit me in the Malay table with my beloved eye clinic 'girls'. We haven't had a gathering in a long while & I miss them so much!
Ken was bored stiff throughout the dinner
Didn't take a lot of photos & worse still most of our photos turned out blurred. Arghhh :(
Trying to make the best out of an over-exposed photo with photoshop
The most wonderful bunch of colleagues I'd ever worked with
I love you girls!


  1. hi

    just wondering how your stay at the park hotel was. im booking a hotel for hk in feb 08 and heard there was major renovation at park hotel so the lobby and reception is not done yet. how did you like it?


  2. Yeah there was renovation but as we were out most of the time, it didn't affect us. I think the rooms are great as well. I would recommend it.


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