Tuesday, January 29, 2008

It's happiness all around

January 19' 08 was a day full of cheer and happiness. (Pardon me that I am backdating this almost half a month back.) One of my bestest friend got hitched! She was known as Miss Marilyn Chan but now better known as Mrs Marilyn Peck. Wahahaha!!! .............

Meg was just as excited about Marilyn's ROM as we all are
The solemnization ceremony was held in Tapas Wine Bistro in Holland Village. (Great hang out place - thumbs up!)
Marilyn looks most divine
Exchange of wedding bands and vows
Mar looks absolutely terrified!
Poor Ken had to entertain Meg while we were busy cam whoring :p
Cheers to Marilyn & Edmund's everlasting happiness
1 down, 3 to go. Wahahaha .........
Lovey dovey
We want a share of the beautiful bride too!
We were scrutinizing the wedding ring to see if it's of substantial enough value to do justice to Mar. Cos if not, by the power of the jie mei (sisters), we're going to impose a hefty fine on Edmund on their wedding day. *evil laugh*
Meg thinks that Mar is so pretty
My cousin, Jamie, is Mar's official photographer. Hmmm ...... now looking at the photos, we do look kinda alike. *cringe* (Although I know she would rather kill herself than to ever admit a semblance of likeness between us :p)
Pics courtesy of Jamie
That must have been a very auspicious day cos we attended another wedding dinner at night
Henry & Rachel's wedding in Prima Tower Revolving Restaurant
And to top it all off, we celebrated Ken's dad's birthday the next day. Triple happiness!!!

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  1. Hi, does Jamie has a website for people to view her work? If not can I have her contact number because I am looking for an actual day wedding photograhper. You can email me at linghuiqi@gmail.com. Would appreciate your help. Thanks!


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