Friday, February 01, 2008

Another one please ............

"Can I have a baby sister, mummy?"

My eyes opened wide and thinking that I heard wrongly, asked Megan "Sorry darling, what did you say again?" "Can I have a baby sister?" Meg repeated. Can you imagine the incredulous look I have on my face then? I was completely thrown off track and I was dumbfounded. I had not seen this coming. EVER.

This is news. Meg wants a baby sister? She's made it clear right from the moment she's able to make her wishes known, that she is quite happy staying the only child. And she loathes the presence of little Leto because she's vying with her for our attention.

I regained my composure and affectionately reminded her that she doesn't take to Leto too well nowadays. "No, it's because of Leto that I wanted a baby sister. She's just so cute!" Meg reasoned.

Seeing that it's not working, I tried a different tack. Knowing her distaste for boys, I said, "What if it turns out to be a baby brother instead?" She frowned and thought for a while, then with a look of resignation, sighed and replied "also can lah ......"

Haha! If she consented to this, that must means she's getting desperate :p I was very much amused indeed by her sudden preoccupation to acquire a new sibling. Is this a phase all little girls goes through? Is she getting lonely perhaps? But 1 thing for sure, she's all grown up :) She thinks she's capable of taking care of another little person now.

I gave it to her straight and told her no thank you very much because I had waited a long time for her to grow up. And now that finally she's not as dependent on me anymore and I can get some time to myself, I am not going to put myself through another crying fussing baby again. At which she valiantly offered her services but yet at the same time, cleverly not forgetting to offer the maid's services too. She claimed that I can still do as I please because the maid and her will look after the baby. She went on & on about how she'll be a more responsible person so that I won't have to worry about her and how much she'll help me if we had the baby. She's just so adorable, isn't she?

As we were not allowed into the school on the 1st day of school, there was an open house last Friday and parents were invited to see how their children got on in primary 1. It's not the teachers that's giving us a tour of the school but our children. It's really awesome to see the kids proudly showing off their school to their parents and it proves how well they are adapting as well. I learned that Meg is a group leader and is also in charge of the library corner. The teacher informed that Meg got along very well with her classmates and even at times too talkative! In fact I am really glad to see her more vocal because she's just so shy whenever she goes out with us. I was afraid she would turn out to be the super quiet unsociable kid like I was back then. Here's Meg proudly showing off her locker.
Here's the canteen where's she's discovered the value of $ :p
The class performed for the parents but I was late. She's never let me forget about it up till now.

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