Monday, February 04, 2008

I am disturbed

I just saw this on the news and I couldn't believe such evilness existed. (And this happened right here in Singapore.)

A maid was caught on camera abusing a 2 month old baby. (Go see for yourself on YouTube.) If you had seen the video, your reaction would have been the same as mine. I was full of outraged when I witnessed the footage. You can see the maid hitting the defenceless baby repeatedly and when she lifts the baby up, she didn't bother to cradle the baby's neck. As the baby is unable to support his own neck at this age, you can see the head flop helplessly backwards. I was completely stunned and horrified when I saw that. Another really distressing scene was when the baby was placed in an old-fashioned sarong cradle. The maid would viciously kick it, rock it extremely vigorously and even push it so hard that it swings all over the place. I really fear for the baby when the sarong cradle went swinging all over because it bangs into the surrounding furniture.

As I was watching the video, my hand grabbed at my chest and I mumbled "ouch" over and over again. It was totally heart wrenching to see a little baby being mistreated like that. I can feel my heart drop right to the pits of my stomach by the end of the footage. It was just way too appalling for words. From one mother to another, I can truly feel your pain. It must have been so hard watching your most precious thing getting hurt.

I am just glad that this was discovered early before the baby came to any harm. I hope that the law will mete out the just punishment for this cold-blooded maid. I believe what goes around comes around.

However in all fairness, I must add that this is one of the few isolated cases. Let's not make sweeping statements and generalise that all maids are like that. There are many many domestic helpers out there that renders many a great service to the families they work for. I for one, am grateful for the help I get.

I agree that one can never be too cautious but let's not slight them with mistrust.

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