Thursday, February 28, 2008

Meg's haiku - "The wind"

Meg told me she had to write a haiku and asked for my help. A haiku?! Primary 1?!

Okay, I must admit I was momentarily stumped. I looked at the instructions and saw "5, 7, 5". I asked her what's that and she explained that a haiku consisted of 3 lines and the numbers meant the number of syllables in each line. Hmmmm ........ but it still didn't mean anything to me :p However, thank god for the advancement in technology, I managed to look up the internet and refresh my memory of what a haiku is.

The topic was "WIND" and so I told Meg to write down how she feels about the wind. And from there, I helped her craft it into a haiku.

The wind makes me feel fresh.
I need it to fly a kite.
I love breezy wind!

The sentences were all hers, I just helped her fit it into a haiku. Not too bad for our 1st attempt, I would think. But then again, I am a lay person and therefore not the best judge :p

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