Sunday, February 24, 2008

Lil' Miss Scatterbrain

I have outdone myself once again! Remember the last time when I left my handphone on top of the car and then drove off? The story just gets better .............

I threw my handphone into the rubbish bin this time round -_-"'.

I did not realise that my handphone was gone and when I started looking for it around the house, it was 4 hours later after it ended in the bin. I had initially thought that I left it in the car again (I do it too often) and sent the maid downstairs to help me bring it up. However she told me she couldn't find it and so I started calling my phone whilst she went down a 2nd time to search.

Panic sets in when I realised that the phone was shut off! "Arghhh ......." I thought with dismay, "my new phone lost again! But how could it be? I vividly remember using my phone in the car."

The maid once again told me she can't find it and so I went down personally to search for it. After turning the car upside down, I walked dejectedly back to the lift, accepting my fate of yet another lost phone. That's when I walked past the big black bin in the void deck. I stopped, looked at it and realisation dawned upon me that I made a stop here after I got down from the car! Don't tell me .................

I attempted to rummage through the stinky bin and everyone was staring at me! Ewwww ....... I needed aid. Meg and the maid armed with their gloves volunteered to search for it. And true enough, it was right at the bottom of the bin soaked with the yuckiest liquid imaginable. In fact, I think I contributed to a part of that yucky liquid because what I threw into the bin together with the phone was my unfinished McDonald's meal and coke :p

You might think that I left my phone in the McDonald's plastic bag and accidentally threw it together but I didn't. I was holding it in the palm of my hand and when I open my palm to release the bag, it fell out at the same time. And I didn't even feel anything amiss. I so can't believe myself! But then again, this is something that Erycka says only I am capable of and she didn't express surprise when I told her. Bleh~

Ken is amazed at my capability to accomplish spectacular feats like that all the time! He says I never fail to astound him :p

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