Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Blogger in the making

Megan has a blog! Wahahaha!!! Her school has got an online learning system whereby the teachers can assign homework and you access it online at home. I was trying it out and realised that other than accessing assignments, it even comes equipped with email, a media gallery and a blog!

I explained to her what a blog is and asked if she remembers seeing me always typing non-stop into a particular website with lots of our photos in it. I told her that that is my blog and she enthusiastically replied that she wants her own blog too. I wasted no time in getting her started. We picked out a template together and very soon she's completed with her 1st post. I was so very proud that she chose to write about me in that 1st post of hers! :DDD The blog however can only be viewed by her teachers and peers though.

I think it's really good if I can get her to persevere. It not only helps in her English but I will also understand more about what's going on in that pretty little head of hers. For example, she wrote that 'I am always busy'. I had no inkling I came across like that to her. I had all along been complacently thinking that I have done an okay job as a mum since I spend almost every available waking minute with her. But apparently not in her opinion. There must be something I must be doing wrong. Perhaps I haven't been giving her my 100% attention when I am with her. Well, I can only cross my fingers and hope that it's not too late for me to start paying more attention to her.

I can just see Ken rolling his eyes if I tell him that I intended to get Meg interested in blogging :p As if all the time I invested is not enough and now Meg too?

Proudly presenting ............. Can you make out what she wrote?And now some pics taken over the 1st few days of Chinese New Year. Nothing much except Lo Hei and more Lo Hei.

Reunion dinner at my parent's place. We missed grandma .........
Meg says she can't stand the smoke from the steamboat and hence was isolated to 1 corner :p
We had the soup steamboat and the BBQ steamboat. My favourite!
Cheers for a good year with her sparkling juice and dad's beer.
Told her to smile but look at that mischievous imp
Then we headed off for round 2 of reunion dinner at Ken's parent's place. The kids were hooked on Wii at the cosy corner while the adults relaxed watching TV.
Meg calls it the 'messy thing'
Met the FJC peeps later in the night (morning) to watch the 1.30am show - CJ7 in Tampines Mall.
It hadn't occurred to me till then that Meg's standard of chinese is actually very unacceptable. She couldn't understand most of the movie's dialogue and I had to rattle off the English subtitles to her throughout the show.
1st day of lunar new year - more Lo Hei with Ken's mum's side of the family
Most of the ingredients were on the table rather than on the plate after we were done Lo Hei. This is actually rather mild, there have been years whereby the yu sheng landed in one's hair instead! We joked that it is safer to carry an umbrella with us :p
2nd day of lunar new year - this time Lo Hei with Ken's dad's side of the family. Meg claims that she hates it but yet is always the 1st to rush over to the table with a pair of chopsticks. However as she's the smallest, she invariably gets yu sheng all over her everytime. Haha ........
Brought Jonathan & Meg downstairs to play with bomb bags
Meg's 1st & actually my 1st as well
Awwww ...... they look so sweet together!
Gentle Meg
Jon & sidekick Meg
A big wonderful family - Meg had so much fun that she stayed there for 3 nights straight!
Went to Jason & Jamie's house for some new year gambling before adjourning to watch Ah Long Pte Ltd
As always, we visited Kelly's house on the 3rd day of lunar new year
And then guess where we went that night? More movie that's what! Kung Fu Dunk this time :p

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