Wednesday, February 20, 2008

A family valentine

This year's Valentine was a little unusual. That's because Meg had learnt in school what's Valentine's day. She came home from school the day before Valentine's and asked me if all of us are going out for Valentine's day dinner. Huh??!! Valentine's day dinner??!! I guiltily told her we are not, even though Ken & I had discussed about dinner. But of course we didn't make plans to include her whatsoever!

In any case, Ken had to go back to camp on Valentine's day and we agreed to postpone it to Friday. And then my bad, I overlooked that on Friday, there's a CNY party at the previous clinic where I worked.

Feeling really guilty, I went and got both of them a Valentine's day gift to make it up to them. I think both liked their pressies :) And in the end, all 3 of us compromised and we had a post-Valentine's day supper instead. Haha ...... yeah, supper :p

By the time, Ken and Meg collected me from the party, it was already 10pm. We decided the only place available would be Swensen's and so we trooped there. But poor Meg was less than enthusiastic that day because when the food arrived, it was already close to 11pm. Meg was dying to get home to bed.

So all in all, a fairly uneventful Valentine but at least I managed to assuage my guilt by including Meg in our celebration. Hmmmm ........ it looks like we will have to plan 2 Valentine's day celebrations from now on, 1 for the entire family and 1 just for Ken & I.

Checking out my make-up before I leave for the party :p
In the queue outside Swensen's
Meg was driven by boredom & forced us to make funny faces with her
I was highly amused by the fact that Meg could raise 1 eyebrow. I just couldn't do it for the life of me.
6 lian pai. (6 consecutive shots) Wahahaha!!!

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