Sunday, February 03, 2008

Back to school

Andrew had already blogged about this 1 week back but I only managed to get down to blogging about it now. So it's kinda old news but something that meant a great deal to me. In fact, I'll call it one of the highlights of my life.

When I came in 2nd in the mock detailing competition last year, I had seen it as a major achievement - something worthy for my curriculum vitae. But this time a round, I got something even way better that would really boost my CV. I won the MD AWARD! And just when I thought things couldn't have gotten any better than this. They announced that I won a 2nd award :DDD I bagged the MD award for top sales in GP sector & award for top product sales. I had never in my life been so proud of myself. It was pure exhilaration. Even if it was without booze, I would be on a constant high the entire night just from the adrenaline rush.

Admittedly, things haven't been too easy after I got the award. There are many that weren't too happy about it or think that I just got lucky that's all. Sure, I won't deny that luck plays a part in my sales performance. And definitely if it weren't for my predecessor, Sam and fellow colleagues like Ben & Allan for laying such a strong foundation. I would have got nothing. But I am not about to discredit myself either. Being new in the trade, I think I did a pretty dandy job. So like it or not, I am here to stay. I don't give sh*t about what you think about me. I am good at what I do. And for those who didn't think that I am cut out for this from the beginning, I have proven you wrong.

Alright, enough with the heavy stuff. Let's take a look at how much fun I had that night during the company's Dinner & Dance, shall we?

The theme for the night is 'Back To School'. It was a real lucky thing I chanced upon Melissa's D&D (same theme) pics in facebook. I immediately pounced on it and borrowed the costume from her. I want to say a big thank you to Amy as well for helping me source for another 3 more sets of costumes for my colleagues.
I borrowed lots of stuff from Meg that night (all without her knowledge :p)
Pretty babes Diana & Joey. We were getting ready in the hotel room of Sheraton Towers as we had a full day meeting prior to the D&D. We decided to act as cute as we can for the night since we were given a legitimate reason for it. Not much of a chance to do that otherwise :p
You should have seen the guys' faces when we entered the ballroom, it's as if it's their fantasy come true! Japanese school girls. Wahahaha!!!
Angeline is hot grandmama!
Our big boss who's extremely sporting to dress the partBenjamin is a born actorDear Jeannie at the sideIFC???Dallas came up with what the acronyms I.F.C stood for - International F**king College. Hmmmm ....... ingenious :pSweetie Michelle - oh btw, Happy birthday girl!Pretty mummy Amy joined usErycka commented that this looks so 'Hentai' & I have to agree with her! Haha! Check out Shaun's ecstatic face :p Finally gorgeous Dionne arrived & our group is complete!From top left: Lionel, Karen, Jennifer, Taras & CharleneYou'd never guess that he's my boss!We were given the tags by the event company. We had to choose 'prefect' or 'perfect'. Of course, we chose PERFECT!Glenn & GregoryOur MC for the night is Daniel Ong. I love listening to him on 98.7 while driving to work every morning.These babes are just so much fun!With or without?Here's the group from Hogwarts SchoolNot to mention you but even I cringe when I see ladies our age, dress in school uniform acting cute. And even more so when it's aunties like the both of us with daughters already in primary school! Haha ...... sorry I knew I did not have a good enough reason no matter what, to act juvenile :p
Saccharine sweet Selina
Headline: School girls got caught red-handed on smoking breaks!
Shaun is 1 lucky sod I tell ya
Joey got arrowed for the school belle & hunk competition
Talent competition - 881! Kudos to Anna, Amy & Greg for taking part.
Noelle, our mock-detailing champion for this POA. As with tradition, we filled her trophy to the brim with beer & made her drink.
Going up on stage twice for my awards.
Boss & ex-bosses giving me the thumbs up.
Went down to Velvet & Phuture for more drinks after the D&D. Ken thinks that I am nuts bringing my trophy into the club. Yeah I am a poser but I was so proud of the trophy, I can't help myself :p Do you know I had never won a trophy in my entire life! I was never into sports & was always watching Uniz & Erycka receive their trophies in school.
I think Ken prefers me to look nerdy like that
They were so nice to come down & celebrate my win with me
My glasses was hot property
Darling Kok Ying
We rock!
Oh & I forgot to mention that I borrowed Meg's schnauzer toy & brought it with me everywhere I went. Yeah .... even in the club :p And the bag? Courtesy of Erycka :D
My proud moment

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