Thursday, March 06, 2008

Japan here I come!!!

Did I tell you guys that I am going to Japan? As a matter of fact, I am actually already in our new airport terminal 3 waiting to board my plane.

A company incentive trip to Osaka and Nagoya. My very 1st time to Japan and I am so excited! (Haha ........ suaku, right?)

Although I am excited, there's a part of me that actually didn't feel like going. That is because I will miss Megan and Ken terribly. I know. I am such a baby.

Meg and I were hugging and crying at home just before I left. Mama drama! But I can't help it. We haven't been apart a lot, you know. I told her that I wouldn't worry about her because she's such a big girl now. And sensing that she worries for me too. I told her not to worry about me, I will try my very best not to lose my things :p Haha ...... that seems to soothe her a bit.

In fact, she's the 1st one to remind me to bring my passport. She reminded me last night while I was packing my luggage. I was really impressed that she knows the importance of a passport and that of course her mum is a scatterbrain :p She reminded me a couple more times today. It seems like she's more my mum than I am hers!

Likewise, I know the other person who's worried about me going alone is Ken. It's so rare for me to go on a trip without him. I was always so dependent on him for everything and thus he reminded me time and again to take care of my stuffs.

At least I know that Meg is in good hands. Ken has promised me to take good care of her. It means so much to me to know that Meg will be fine. Thanks so much sweetheart for doing everything so that I can go on the trip with a peace of mind. I love you! *muacks*

I am really guilty that Meg will be having her ballet exams during this time. I feel awful for abandoning her. Thank god for mum, aunty Mary and Chermaine, who will also be helping me care for her. I am very lucky to have such loving supportive family who are here for me when I need them.

Alright gotta run or else I will miss the flight! SAYONARA!

P.S. Meg was made class monitress & I'm soooo proud of her!

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