Sunday, June 29, 2008


I think my birthday posts are going to take forever because my worst nightmare had came true. I am WITHOUT domestic help!!!

Do you know that one can get muscle aches from doing housework? -_-"" Now I believe them when they say you can lose calories from doing housework. Imah had gone back to Indonesia and my inefficient agent has yet to bring my new help into Singapore. I probably had never done so much housework in my entire life. Erycka was in my house yesterday and she totally agreed with my statement. She was grinning from ear to ear because she was enjoying herself so much from seeing me clean the house. (She's sooo evil! :p)

And I think that nagging and housework goes hand-in-hand. Other than my hands going non-stop, so does my mouth. Every single time that Meg messes up the place or didn't help out, I would be nagging at her. And since she's as used to a maid as much as I do, I was pretty much yelling at her most of the time :p Although I must praise her for trying to help me out as much as she can with housework. I can see she's gotten more independent :D

I am also grumbling a lot more too. My nails break and my hands are dry. I am slathering on hand lotion every chance I got. And of course, I am constantly going on and on about how much I have to do. Hee~ Poor Ken is the one subjected to all my grouses.

But also thank God for Ken in helping me out. He now wakes up at 5.30am to wake Meg up for school and then bring her down to the school bus so that I can get a bit more beauty sleep. *Thank you so much sweetheart, love you deep deep!*

And I am counting down the days .............

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