Monday, June 09, 2008

Mum's 55th birthday

Yet another very back dated post :p Mummy's 55th birthday which fell on 31 May.

I think most of the time, we tend to take things for granted. It was only when mum was inquiring about how to get a senior citizen pass that I realised my mum had actually entered another phase in her life. Senior Citizen! I can hardly believe it. Mum definitely doesn't look 55. It's terrifying how fast time flies. This had certainly jolted me out of my lala land. I had better start doing more for my parents before time runs out. Choi! Choi! Choi! But you get my meaning, right?

We gave mum botox for her birthday pressie this year. And I think she's really pleased with it. As mum is a beautician, she takes care of her skin way better than I do. And at the age of 55 has less lines and sags on her face than me at 31 (very soon 32 :p). Although she doesn't really needs it, she has a deep frown line on her forehead and it really bothers her. So now botox has taken care of that frown line plus her crow feets. So now instead she looks like my sister more than ever. Hee~

Had a pre-celebration in Ken's uncle seafood restaurant located in Punggol Marina - Tian Jin Hai. It is highly recommended & had appeared in 'Lost & Found' previously.
My 2 cupcakes ~
Do we look like sisters?
If only Uniz was here :(
We told Meg & Dad that they spoiled this photo cos both looked so grouchy :p
Got mum a cake to celebrate her actual birthday
Meg picked this cake cos it looked really pretty. Erykca asked me what kind of cake is it but I don't know cos I didn't bother asking. Ended up it was all cream & nobody liked it very much. Haha ..... so typical of me. It's only about looks :p
My happy family
I looove the lighting effects that I created with Photoshop
I love my mummy!
The gem of the family. She gets away with everything & anything!
My company had the usual birthday celebration at the 1st week of the month for that month's birthday babies. So presenting my 1st birthday cake! *hint hint*

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