Saturday, June 21, 2008

I am so loved

I can't believe how stuffed I am! I had been gorging myself with food since 1 week plus ago when I started celebrating my birthday. And up till yesterday, I was STILL celebrating my birthday! Unbelievable, right? One would think it's my 80th celebration instead of my 32nd :p

We were in Safra Jumbo restaurant last Saturday celebrating 3 occasions - Father's day, Ken's parents' wedding anniversary & my birthday.
It was also a farewell dinner for Imah. She's finished her contract & leaving for home on Wednesday. She's been a good help & we'll definitely miss her. And I think it'll be even more so for Meg cos she's her full time playmate.
Hee~ now I'll arrow Ken to be her playmate :p
*Ken sweetie - you won't say 'no' cos you love me, right? :p
Most sumptuous dinner!!!
On Sunday, we went to Zhenshun's house in Savannah for a swim.
We've found a new hangout now. And so close to home too!
I seriously need to work on my tan
In contrast, I am drowning Meg in sunblock :p
The cheeky girl with her many expressions :D
Some nice alone time together while Meg paddles aimlessly in the background :p
It's such a nice lazy afternoon for the family
Meg is in love with 'Green Tea'
I think I've passed on my water phobia to her. Despite Ken's attempts to teach her, she's still very fearful & hangs on for dear life.
Haha ...... I love that sweet face!
We went to Ken's house for dinner after swimming. Hee~ Meg was all ready to snap a shot of me when I opened the door to let her out of the car.
Doesn't the cake look beautiful? Not only does it look good but tastes really good too! Aunty Mary specially baked this birthday cake for me. In fact, she baked 2 cos she's worried that it might not turn out successful. I am soooo touched! :) I really love the cake. Absolutely YUMMY!
We were looking for a suitable knife to cut the cake but look who tried to steal the show from behind! Hahaha .......... Meg did that on purpose :p
I love Ken & his family!
I felt so loved :D
A big big thank you to Aunty Mary for all her efforts & of course to Uncle Thomas too!

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