Saturday, June 07, 2008

Batam again

We made another trip to Batam after Mar's wedding shoot. We couldn't risk getting her looking dark with tan lines on her wedding photos.

This time round, we said that the focus will be on water activities instead of shopping and hence, Kelly arranged for us to stay in Holiday Inn instead. I was really looking forward to spending time in the sun because I needed a tan so badly. Alas ....... I was really sick throughout the entire trip. Stomach flu or something. My tummy was hurting real bad.

But the lucky thing was that I had my darlings with me. I was able to have peace of mind and retreat into my own world to cope with my pain because Meg was so well taken care of by them. Kelly was her constant companion and Mar entertained her with stories of the legendary 'Burger & Beanie'. They even took over for bathing and changing for her. They are such angels! And I also must thank Edmund because he too helped with minding Meg. Lastly, not forgetting Dada for having to care for me and Meg at the same time.

A big thank you and I love you all much much!

As usual, our 1st stop is A&W
Meg with her usual funny faces but now plus the 2 zany babes behind her
If you have the patience, wait till the end of this recording to see those 2 zany babes make a fool of themselves :p

Reached Holiday Inn
Dropped our bags & we're out shopping again
We decided to try out a new place for dinner instead of the usual Golden Prawn
Oooooh........So loving
They were supposed to go for a massage before dinner but cos of me, they dropped massage
The restaurant was situated next to a' river/sea'? And I could see the kelongs nearby. I went nearer the shore to take some pictures but Mar & Kelly gave it a miss cos they spotted cats nearby :p
It's low tide now & so it stank.
But otherwise, managed to capture some fairly ok shots.
No better bunch to go travelling with, other than them
Mar fell in love with their curry fish head - her expression tells it all
Yummy crab for the 3 ladies - it's weird how all the guys don't take crabs
Meg's turn to go around with the camera
Sumptuous breakfast the next morning.
Meg couldn't wait & got into her swimming costume already
I stayed in bed while the rest went down to have fun at the pool
Edmund coaxed Meg to ride the slide with him & all I can say is that she didn't trust him very much after that :p
Meg is 1 happy girl!
She posed non-stop for Kelly & in some of the pics, told her that she's a mermaid. Kelly told me she had a great laugh taking photos of Meg & Meg even had an audience watching her pose!
Finally decided it's time for me to join in the fun but when I walked down to the pool, they were already getting ready to walk back to the room :(
All packed up & ready to go. Everyone was out on the balcony & Ken was coaxing us to go out too. The 7 of us shared a suite with 2 bedrooms & a big living room. A perfect arrangement.
Ken sweetie
Mr & Mrs Lovebirds
Holiday Inn Batam
Ken bought that pink sunglasses for Meg cos she likes to perch it on her head as a hairband
A parting shot
Haha! Mar had to tiptoe to match Ed's height :p
Meg never ever sits with me in the bus, choosing to sit with Mar & Kelly instead. She's at this stage where she loves to ruin a photo.
Both of us looking tired & I honestly can't wait to get home to lie in my comfortable bed
Lunch in A&W again before we go back to Singapore. This little girl was grouchy cos she's too tired from playing in the pool.
She's all smiles again in the ferry :D
Make a guess who had the most fun in Batam? Megan of course!


  1. Hope you have recovered by now... It was so sweet of your friends and your darling for taking care of your princess :)

    I have never been to Batam. So suaku right? :) Seems like a nice place for a family or friends bonding.

  2. Thanks dear, I'm all ok now. And I truly do agree that I've got a bunch of really nice friends.

    Well, there's nothing to rave about Batam but it's a good quick weekend getaway. It's also not too pricey & hence don't need too much planning for a spontaneous holiday.

    It's only 45 mins ferry ride and so not taxing for the kids. If you do go, take the opportunity to top up on necessities cos it's very cheap there :D


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