Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Couldn't be any prouder

There are some who commented that I am proud. But then again, why shouldn't I be? In fact, I am going to crow about how proud I am. How proud I am to be loved by so many. It is a blessing and I am not complacent. I am dilligently counting each and every single blessing in my life.

So if you think I was proud in previous posts, then you probably should just click that little cross on the top right hand corner now because in this post, I am going to boast about more celebrations and the lovely pressies I received.

I am gushing on & on about all the wonderful things that's happening right now because I am so so happy with my life. And my friends will be really glad to read about all the good things happening to me. But if you don't feel the same then it doesn't matter either because it still doesn't stop mine from being filled with happiness.

Ken & the FJC peeps arranged a surprise birthday dinner for me in Hanabi at Katong Mall. I did mention that I had intended to keep it low for my birthday this year & hence it came as a huge pleasant surprise to see so many of them waiting at the restaurant for me.
Both Ken & Meg knew about the surprise but kept their secrets really well! They managed to lure me to the restaurant without me suspecting anything. I even took my own sweet time cos I had already made an appointment to fix my lashes. And all this time, the gang was waiting hungrily for me to appear in the restaurant! (I reached close to 9pm.) I felt so awful making them wait sooo long :p
Meg kept up with this 'forced' expression throughout the night -_-""
Cake from AWFULLY CHOCOLATE!!! Chocolate & Banana - most heavenly ~~
See ....... what did I say about that expression?I love Ken so much for orchestrating the entire celebrationAbsolutely beaming!!! :DDDThey are my love & my joy (once again ..... check out Meg's expression :p)*Peishan, James, Chang, Celine, Eric, Andrew, Jason, Zijian - you guys can't imagine how touched I am that you took time out to celebrate my birthday with me. If I told you that I don't believe in birthday presents, you probably think that I'm full of sh*t. I mean, of course I love presents. But I appreciate much more in things that money can't buy. Such as time. Not many people will bother to go for a birthday celebration on a late Monday night. And to have my friends there when the clock strikes 12 means the world to me.Knowing my craving for durian, they also gave in and accompanied me home to have a durian party! I had been going up & down Joo Chiat/ Eunos but had never realised there's a big durian stall there. I need to watch the car and hence sent Meg with the camera to take photos for my blog. Not bad , right?Instead of satisfying my craving, it got worse. Ever since that night, I had pestered Ken go back once more to buy more durians for me :p My appetite for durian is just insatiable!Very rare to see so many people in my house on a working Monday night. And guess what we ended up doing? Telling ghost stories! hahaha ........ creepy but fun :DDD.
Ken knew I was in love with KATE SPADE. So they got me a Takashimaya voucher & Ken brought me shopping on my birthday!
Ken generously topped up the amount to allow me to get a bag. Yippee!!! *muacks*
My gorgeous gorgeous bag!
Hee~ then I got greedy & asked for a purse as well :p

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