Tuesday, July 01, 2008

More love .........

I know I was sounding like a spoilt brat in my previous post. I mean how difficult could it be to do something that most people have been doing day in and day out? I don't deserve any sympathy, I know :p I applaud those who voluntarily sacrifice their work to care for the house. But I know my limitations and it crosses the line at housework. (*raises white flag*) But after saying so much, guess it still doesn't detract from the fact that yes, I'm spoiled :)

Anyway continuing with my birthday celebrations, my family brought me out for dinner on the actual day of my birthday. Dear Erycka paid for the meal. And mum baked me a yummylicious chocolate cake! How lucky can 1 get? I've got 2 specially baked birthday cake for me this year :DDD (Told you I'm spoiled senseless :p)
Princess Meow Meow had become a big part of our family :p
I'm sooo loved!
Meg was the one who decorated the lovely cake!
Ken's been spoiling me with durians recently. Knowing my love for them, he specially drove me to get them last week. And again last night, he arranged with Zijian to accompany me for a durian feast in Geylang cos he doesn't eat them. (I'm tingling with warmth all over.) Btw thanks to Zijian for the durian treat!
My darling mum who has done so much for me
I love them both!
Cute Megan
I am the luckiest!

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