Sunday, July 06, 2008

Erm ........ more love?

I swear this is the last you will see of my birthday posts :p The girls celebrated it for me in Orchard Party World on my birthday weekend. (Geez ....... half a month past already?!) I am in company's T-shirt cos went over straight from Marriot Hotel after POA.
Sulking now cos been waiting a long time by myself in the room :p
Yeah finally they arrived & got down to serious singing
Although none could be as 'serious' or emotional as EdmundEd's soooo going to regret this! *evil laugh*
*Ed - Start preparing a BIG 'angpow' for the sisters on your wedding day or else .........

My very yummy oreo ice-cream cake
It's Meg's 1st time in a KTV & she was very amused by our singing
Poor Ken was bored stiff cos he doesn't sing but still made an effort to sit through it anyway
I love each & everyone of them so much!
May my wish come true
A very happy & contented me
Thank you so much darlings for the effort & the angpow! *muacks*
Dearie Ju looking good with her new do
Sweetheart Kelly
Beloved Marilyn
Sweetie pie Meg
Ken love
Haha! Meg looks so awful!
Showing off the new schnauzer toy I got her

*Darlings, I had a really fantabulous time! Thank you all so much once again *muacks*

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