Sunday, July 13, 2008

The Red Carpet launch


"More than just another shoe store, the homegrown lifestyle concept understands the modern working woman’s needs and wants :
She needs to look good all the time without paying astronomical prices.
She wants Red Carpet’s extensive collection deswhich has forgiving price tags
because we understand the universal
ires of a woman.

She needs to feel good all the time minus the ugly blisters.
She wants Red Carpet’s extra cushioning and hand-stitched selections for
minimised pain, and “hot babe” looks from the boys.

She needs time for herself to wind down after a long day at work.
She wants to lounge at Red Carpet, swirling a glass of Bordeaux while
playing dress up with the latest shoe designs in-store. "
Yep ...... and I can vouch for it. Everything is a good as it claims :D

The Red Carpet is the brainchild of Tricia Fok, Dionnes' sister. And if you see the charm and class, these 2 sisters exudes, you would buy the shoes designed by them too. I am never much of a shoe person but when I saw the gorgeous array of shoes at the boutique, I was in lust! I can just see myself walking in all those stunning heels. So many of them were just so me. If only I didn't have to make a choice. In the end, I hardened my heart and settled for a pair of heels and a pair of slip-ons. (I will be back for the rest, hopefully real soon :p)

The damage to my pocket? Barely a dent. It costs me less than $90 for both pairs. Unbelievable, right? Exclusivity and glamour at such an absolute steal!

I highly recommend it. Go find them at 58 Club Street Singapore 069433.
It was a big launch and even a mention in URBAN
The 2 capable sisters - Dionne & Tricia
Arghhh........ Ultra puffy eyes. I decided to take 40 winks just prior to the event & it turned out way more than just 40 :p In fact , I slept so long that I was late for 1 & a half hour. (*shrugs* What's new ?)I was so late that Joey was already completely high on Martini by the time I reached. Can you imagine the earful I got from her the next day?Wahaha ...... can tell she's super high!Don't know why the very glum look on Noel? Maybe he was worried that Sharon might want to buy more shoes?
The place is very tastefully done - just right for classy babes like you & me :DBeautiful shoes & beautiful people galore
The best part is this mini bar. You can slowly sip your martini while picking out your heels. If you spend something like $80 & above, you are entitled to 1 free drink too.
Such a dazzling array. You are bound to find something you like.
Great pals - Dionne & Joey
I don't have the most perfect of feet but it'll have to do. I took the pics cos I was bored stiff while waiting to pick up my mum from her baking class. And I wanted to show off that I was so happy with my purchase.
Meg walked past a min ago while I was uploading my slip-ons pics. She asked why did I have to take photos of my shoes. I said it was cos I liked it so much. So she went like "Ohh ... so means you want to have the photo to keep for a long time, right?" I smiled & nodded. (I mean I can't possibly say cos I was bored & had nothing better to do, right?) Then as an after-thought, she added "Does that mean I have to burn the shoes for you when you die?" Wahahaha! I don't know to laugh or to cry -_-""

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