Saturday, July 19, 2008

Gary Chaw - Welcome to my world

Ever since my birthday celebration with the babes in Party World, I was determined to master 'Superwoman' by Gary Chaw. I have had that album Ge Ge Blue since a long time back but now with renewed vigour, I am listening to it whatever chance I get and especially to that 'Superwoman' track. Both Ken and Meg are going out of their minds having heard this song being replayed again and again :p

Perhaps the best expression that sums it up that both of them had enough was when I told Meg that I was going to a concert. She asked me whose was it and I told her it was the guy who sang 'Superwoman'. She said nothing but her expression says it all: She looked exactly like this --------> -_-"". Wahahaha ........ that's when I knew I overdid it.

I had jumped at the chance to watch Garry Chaw perform live at the indoor stadium last week. Erm ........ maybe not me per se because it was more Ken than me who jumped at it. Although I know that Ken doesn't really dig Gary Chaw (and especially after being forced to listen to his album all the time), he was still very thoughtful and went ahead to get the tickets.

I have to confess that this is my 1st time watching an 'adult' concert. (Note: 'adult' here does not equate to porn or anything remotely close :p) I have been to concerts but it ranges from Barney to Hi-5 and now High School Musical. I have no qualms spending on what Meg wants to watch but I am a scrooge when it comes to spending on myself. If it wasn't for Ken, I doubt I would ever have the chance to experience one.

In Zijian's car on the way to the concert
Thanks sweetheart for bringing me
A fairly packed stadium
Celine, Chang, Andrew, Ken & Zijian - we think that Zijian looks so much like Gary Chaw! (Nicer looking version, of course :p)
Cam whore before the concert starts
Spotted Felicia Chin & another actor (?) in the midst
And the concert kick starts ........
Subtitles makes it all the easier for me to sing along but poor Ken, think he was attending my concert rather than Chaw's cos I was singing so loudly next to his ear!
I have to admit the staging was rather unimpressive
He wasn't eloquent & could tell that he's very anxious.
He made a couple of slip-ups but that's understandable cos it's his 1st world tour after all.
The sad part about this concert was that he came across as egoistic. He kept call himself 'Ge Wang', King of Songs. Wassup with that?
One of his guest - don't know what's her name, just remembered that her voice was really shrill & all of us would cringe whenever she raises her voice.
All with the exception of Andrew & me, everyone was in their own lala land. Chang was sleeping & Ken was playing solitaire.
Looks like Zijian, right?
Huge balls meant to bring up the atmosphere but it caused barely a stir.
And the ending of him stripping was a huge turn-off. He came across as really 'Beng' & he needs a tan badly. I would rather he just not talk & stick to singing. He would come across as more appealing that way. At the end of the concert, I still love his songs but him as a person is another matter altogether.
After a supper of minced-meat noodle, I dragged them off to Four Seasons for durian again. This time we had 'Mao Shan Wang' - YUM YUM!


  1. you should get to noe him before making such comment..
    look at your life before you even start judging his..
    have u seen him up close before? he is tan.
    he had a lot of hardwork,but if you do not appreciate what he has done den mind your own business and leave him alone!

  2. -_-"" I guess you're very passionate about him. But I'm blogging about my concert experience. I don't need nor want to get to know him. I just like listening to his songs. Plain & simple ..... chill.


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