Sunday, October 31, 2010

Dog-friendly restaurant - K9 Kafe

Pillow is such a little sweetheart that it makes it real difficult for us to leave her all alone at home when we go out for our meals. How many of you feel the reluctance of leaving your furkids at home too? I have tried scouring the internet for more information on pet-friendly restaurants but without much success. Therefore I've decided to start putting together my own list of pooch-friendly restaurants or places. So hope all of you can lend a hand & share with me, if you know of any such places. I'll bring Pillow down so that I can put a review on the blog. Likewise, restaurateurs do alert me to your pooch-friendly establishment & I'd be most happy to include it in my list.

The 1st place on my list is K9 Kafe located within K9 Kulture on Turf Club Road. It even has a doggie menu! ♥♥♥

Guess what's these? Doggie Ice-creams!
Bought Brownie, JoJo, & Pillow ice-cream treats but Pillow walloped them all since the other 2 doesn't seem to care for it.
However our main purpose for going down to K9 Kulture was to bring the kids (both human & dogs :p) for a swim. You'll have to pay for use of the pool though.
Poor Pillow totally hates it! Actually ditto the other 2 dogs .......
Brownie even has a life vest! I certainly haven't seen one for dogs before.
Mad cute lah!
Pleading with those huge eyes for us to stop the swimming session
They're all much happier playing on dry land
Sweet Brownie
Gregarious JoJo
Spirited Pillow
It's back to the cafe for a rest before heading home

Totally beat after the swim & run - so unlike her usual peppy self
♡ My 2 endearing girls ♡


K9 Kafe
110 Turf Club Road
Singapore 288000
Tel: 6462-3736


  1. I think there's a dog-friendly restaurant featured in last week's 8 days too. Not sure if it's this one.

    Lucky u, it's almost impossible to get Dolly up onto the car without him feeling nervous. Thus, his playground is purely around the neighbourhood only.

  2. Oh dear ....... but I believe Dolly's happy as he is :)


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