Sunday, October 24, 2010

Meg's 9th birthday - Universal Studios Singapore

Photos heavy post coming right up! There're more than a hundred pics, so you'd been warned.

Meg's greatest birthday wish was to visit Universal Studios Singapore. (Not that she hasn't been before :p) Therefore instead of a birthday party this year, I decided to bring her & another 3 friends of her choice to Universal Studios. So she brought along her cousin, Dan; her BFF, Eudrina & Eudrina's sister, Vivian.

Our 1st stop - Ancient Egypt cos the kids were gunning for "Revenge of the Mummy" as their 1st ride. But in the end, Vivian backed out, Dan went to the loo whereas Meg & Eudrina kept their eyes shut tight throughout the ride -___-
Mum, Dan, Vivian, Meg & Eudrina
Eudrina rushed to be my partner for the ride :)
They (I opted to sit this one out) were in the line for the Rapid Adventure ride but after queueing for ages & finally when it's their turn, the ride malfunctioned. Bummer!

There's just something about castles that appeals to the inner princess within me
Sucker for fairytales and happily ever afters .........
That day was so sunny with barely any clouds in the sky
I want my very own fairy godmother too!
I am sleeping beauty! :p
In the line for 'Donkey Live'
Vivian got called up to answer a question & she was so embarrassed
These girls really know how to pose

They were having tons of fun despite them jumping repeatedly in the hot sun
And after the 3765 jump - finally 1 that's synchronized!
We really enjoyed Waterworld - you guys shouldn't miss this if you're there

The youngsters sat in the splash zone while the old foggies (me included) sat far far away
In Madagascar -King Julian was hilarious! Check out what he did to mum :p

Sci-Fi City
Time for a breather & ice-cream *slurps*
*Pretending to be deep in conversation*
Told you they know how to strut their stuffs

Just love this - Meg came up with the idea!
Marilyn Monroe wannabes?

This gadget is way cool!

Lights! Camera! Action!
In Pantages Hollywood Theatre to watch 'Monster Rock'
Can't help camwhoring whenever I get the chance to :p
My current FB profile pic ♥
The other 2 girls loves taking photos but mine don't ......... I think she developed a phobia just from watching me :p
The 3 of them had so much fun together
Been besties since Primary 1

Vivian & Eudrina were hogging me the entire outing. Wished Meg would too but apparently she's too cool for that :p
Gorgeous view of the sky just as we were leaving Universal Studios
No prizes for guessing where we went for dinner
The tired but contented look on these sweeties' faces says it all
Edged on by Meg, decided to dress up a pic in view of the upcoming halloween :p

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