Wednesday, October 06, 2010

Ester & Ryan's 'I Do' moment

Ester is a cousin from my mum's side of the family & she's finally getting hitched! Not that she's old or ugly, in fact, very much the opposite. It's just that I'd always had a strong suspicion that her lifelong ambition was to be some lucky chap's trophy wife :p (Ryan, you got lucky!) Now that her dream is fulfilled, my dear dear cousin couldn't have looked more radiant.

Both looked absolutely glowing!

To bind them both eternally from now forth

Exchanging their rings & vows

Highlights of the day @ the Registry of Marriages

My uncle was such a proud daddy! Ester had specially arranged their registration date to coincide with his birthday & it was the best birthday gift he's ever received.

Mum & I extending our best wishes to the newly-wed couple

Specially borrowed Shun's 16mm lens to shoot the beautiful bride (btw if anyone from Sony is reading this - I'm seriously peeved that I still can't get hold of the 16mm after almost 4mths!)

She's got the hugeeest hand bouquet I had ever seen on a bride - 99 roses!

Chioness runs in the family (camwhoring too ........)

Shall make use of this chance to give a brief intro on my beloved family. Here's our respected 'lao kok kok' elderlies from my mum's clan. (Hahaha ......... sure kena walloping the next time I see them!) But honestly, they're super young at heart & so fun to be around *cross my heart & hope to die* :p

The cuzzies showing the couple some love

Introducing ............ Mr & Mrs Liew!

Oh ...... and I had forgotten to mention, I'm going to be the emcee for their wedding! :DDD (seriously need to start dieting from now -___-)

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