Sunday, October 17, 2010

Meg's 9th birthday - The prequel

Shouldn't be letting how I'm feeling affect this post, after all this is suppose to be a happy one. But been feeling pretty emo recently & can't seem to lift my spirits up. However I so want to get this post up (cos I've got so many blog posts lined up!) so please just bear with my lack of words or enthusiasm, alright?

Meg's been dying to get a birthday cake from THE ICING ROOM from eons ago. For those who doesn't know what pressie to get for their loved ones, I highly recommend this! =)

That's cos you get to decorate your own cake!

Meg putting in 101% concentration

Greedy lil' pig! *oink*

Ta-daa ...... job completed!

Mad beautiful!

Lots of effort put into this one

Meg decorated 2 cakes in total - the smaller one above for celebration @ home & the bigger one below to bring to school

Oh ..... & did I mention that the cakes were really yummylicious too?

Can't help it ......... exams period so gotta catch up on work even though it's her birthday :p

They had really pretty cupcakes too! So bought some for Meg to bring to school as well but it was a real pity that most of them toppled over in the box & of course it wasn't quite a pretty sight by the time it arrives in school :(

P.S. Just to acknowledge & thank Erykca for her help in bringing the cakes to Meg's school on my behalf. Work commitment calls & there's no way I could have made it but thank goodness for her cos there's no one else I can rely on.

The Icing Room
Tampines 1

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