Friday, October 01, 2010

Need part-time domestic help?

I'm Esther & I'm a recovering foreign domestic worker addict. Lol ...... I don't pounce on them & have them for dinner or anything like that but I'm a 101% reliant on them. (you get the drift :p)

I'd depended on foreign domestic help ever since Meg was born so it's been a good (or bad) 9 years now. However 6 months ago, I'd decided to call it quits. The entire of last year was pure nightmare for me. I must have switched at least 4 maids in 1 year alone. Those who have problematic domestic helpers can definitely feel my anguish.

And when my last helper laced our drinks with urine (you heard me right!), I decided enough was enough. Not only did I waste my money from changing so many maids, it brought me a lot of trouble too.

But of course, I'm hopeless with housework so now help comes twice weekly instead. Totally trouble free & my work gets done. I'm a happy woman! =)

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