Monday, October 11, 2010

More of Oxford

Last weekend was Meg's birthday & so you can expect lots of photos coming up. But while I'm still busy with editing, let me just keep you occupied with some old photos taken in Oxford last year. I can't believe how fast time flies .......... and soon it'll be Christmas again!

Visited an animal farm with a Santa's Grotto

The kids were absolutely loving it

All bundled up cos it was really cold in there!

Uniz was busy working so it's just Rene bringing us around

A Santa gingerbread man

Leto visiting Santa but Meg doesn't want to go in cos she knows Santa's fake & wants to save me some $ instead :p (I'd give anything to have her innocence back!)

Both of them taking their pick of chocolates from the tree

Doesn't it look like a picture postcard? :)

This time around visiting The Living RainForest

This is WORLD'S END - how cool is that! I'd like to have an address that says world's end.

Lots of activity sheets to keep the kids occupied & guided through the rainforest. In fact, most of their places of interest & museum will have activity sheets so that the kids actually learn something during these visits. We should take a leaf out from their book.

Taking her activity sheets very seriously

My hair was so much longer back then! Damn the hairstylist!

So engrossed

I miss them soooo

We also took a visit to the Slade & Headington Children's Centre where Leto goes often for story times & to borrow their books. Everyone was unbelievably hospitable!

X'mas cards drawn by Erykca & Leto
I can't wait for Uniz & her family to come visiting next year during Chinese New Year!

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