Saturday, October 02, 2010

No lancing, lancing ~~

Though we had planned almost a month before but it still didn't materialise. We had wanted a gathering for the Devil's Bar peeps in PowerHouse to reminisce the good ol' times & generally dance or drunk (see which way you like it) the night away.

So in the end, we had to make do with a friend's karaoke pub called Chatroom. It's a far cry from PowerHouse since I'd been all geared up to party & dance but I'm at least comforted by the fact that it has karaoke. That's cos the next thing I wanted most other than dancing was to sing! Geez ...... I'm one deprived chick :p But dance or no dance, my girls made me realise that it's not where we go that's important, it's who we're with. With them around, I'm always on a high! =DDD

A really nice dinner with Dick in Kusabi Japanese Casual Restaurant before heading down to meet the babes - for those who loves their ramen spicy, this is it! *slurps*

The quality of the pics taken in the pub wouldn't be great cos it's taken with my Canon IXUS. Yah ...... I'm that nuts to bring 2 cameras out :p

Can't believe my cards can be so suay ........ everyone's elated -__-

FINALLY Missy Chan aka Mrs Pek arrived. Look at my face! By then I had drunk enough to look like 'bao gong' ..........

My face looks like a 'tua pau' next to hers & the contrast in our colouring definitely doesn't help

Refuse to accept that I wanted to stop drinking!

WTF am I doing?

Being classic EFFs, we pressured Ju about not getting her nails done *evil laughter*

Ju gave out her new namecard. My bestie is an AVP! You all know who to get insurance from hor .......

Free kisses all around (eat your hearts out guys!)

Act cute *shivers*

Still going on about me, I think

Was mad craving for bak chor mee after but Captain Tay brought us for dim sum in Swee Choon instead

Though you ladies are pure evil, I still love you all muchie muchie!!!

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