Tuesday, November 02, 2010

Our last day in Oxford

My cam is not with me right now, so unable to upload the recent photos. So in place, I decided to post more pics from my Oxford trip.

Brought the 2 kiddos to the Natural History Museum while Uniz & mum went to run errands

They created a trail in the form of Santa's letter for the kids to follow

Both working hard to find the answers

Did you know that there's a real-life dinosaur footprint in Oxford?

So contrary to what we always see. Nice!

Saw & felt many fossils that was dated so way back that I don't know how to count the number of zeroes anymore

This was hilarious cos Leto was genuinely worried that Meg's gonna be eaten up by the dinosaur!

Missed my long long hair!

Barely had time for Pitt Rivers Museum

Then it's time to meet up for lunch

I think I looked sooo slim! This was almost 1 year back :(

Next stop

Meg has a huge thing for art & so Uniz thought this would be a great place to bring her

Likewise there's a trail for them to work on too

I missed winter clothings ~~ the hats, boots, jackets & scarves!

All too soon our last day in Oxford is near to an end & we're heading off to Czech

Dinner time!

They've got this great kids set that comes with colouring books & puzzles to keep them occupied

Love this knit sweater that I got for her there

Her cheeks were so rosy!

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