Saturday, November 20, 2010

The Boss

Meg had a nightmare while staying over at her cousin's place last night. I jumped out of bed in fright when I heard my phone ringing at 5am. It was Meg sobbing, so I comforted her & coaxed her back to bed.

Then I was woken up again by her SMS at 8.54am.

Meg: Hello mummy, wat are you doing? Wat time you sleep yesterday?
Me: I think 3am.
Meg: Then how come yesterday you sound like you haven't sleep yet?? (at 5am)
Me: I was really sleeping already .............

Haiz ....... Can you imagine being questioned by your daughter about your bedtime? There are many a times when I wonder who's the mummy. Anyway I blogged this so that I can use this against her in her teenage years!

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