Saturday, November 20, 2010

Miko's & Desmond's special day

My BFF is now Mrs Koh! It warms my heart to see each of my BFF finding their Mr. Right & then walking down the aisle with them - Then Marilyn, now Miko & very soon Juliana. Weddings are such bittersweet affairs for me nowadays. Kinda conceded that it's not in my destiny. But let not this post be marred by my sudden emo.ness. Let's just enjoy the photos & drink in the beauty of our gorgeous gorgeous bride!

Geraldine Chen aka Miko aka Mrs Koh

Table! Table! Table! (private joke :p)

The couple came skipping in to the tune of Mario Bros! Cute max!

Weddings are great for cam-whoring!

Can't wait for Ju's wedding!

Mar is super proud of her half hr make-up versus my 2hr :p

Both sporting curry pok hairstyle!


We haven't been clubbing together for such a long while. Time for a gathering guys!

You wouldn't believe that we shouted 'Table' instead of 'Yum Seng' ....... hahaha ..... super lame, right?

Gao Xiao Ban

This concoction sure looks pretty but I can assure you the content is not! But our dear Mr & Mrs Koh drank it down in 1 gulp without a single word of protest. Super zai! Both of them are such winners. *applause*

♥ you deep deep my darling BFF!

I know it's the wrong way around but keep your eyes glued to this blog for the bawdy pics from a night of debauchery at Miko's bachelorette party!

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