Saturday, November 20, 2010

Grenade - Bruno Mars

I'm just so hooked on this song right now - simply liked it for no particular reason at all :p


  1. bluff~!
    i bet like the lyrics ALOT. was hooked on this song too. posted on my profile last week =(

  2. bet ur hooked on the song due to the lyrics.

    was hooked on the song too~ just posted this song on my profile last week =(

  3. I like the lyrics lah but I think I like the melody of the song more. I mean the lyrics doesn't exactly speak to me you know ...... So it was really for no particular reason mah.

  4. good combi~ i like both!!
    but gues it good news that u think its not applicable =)

  5. i like BOTH!
    But its good news that u think d lyrics is not applicable =)


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