Friday, August 31, 2007

Odds and ends

The battle has finally ended again - knowing full well that the next one is just 2 days away. Once a again, well-fought. Though I might not have achieved my full sales target, I still deserve a small pat on the back for achieving part of it. All is not lost because next month is time to 'chiong' again.

I always have such mixed feelings during month end because there's that incredible surge of relief at being able to bring home enough dough and at the same time, an inexplicable overwhelming sadness that this is all not over yet. It's like a constant battle for me, just when this one ends, the very next one looms near. It is an inextricable feeling of hopelessness at being caught in this wretched rat race.

You work hard and you give but you found that you needed to harder and give more the next round. On and on like clockwork it goes. This is hard work. I am empty like a deflated balloon. I may think that I have triumph but in truth I may have failed. Who's to know what's what anymore.

I have the courage but please grant me the sanity to pull through it all.

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