Sunday, August 26, 2007


I just got back from watching 881 with the FJC peeps. And you know something? I liked the show!

I was initially worried that it'll be a tad bit too 'cheena' (rough translation = chinese in a passe sort of way??) for my taste. (Yeah, I'm Ms. nose-high-in-the-air uppity potato :p) But decided to give the movie a chance after hearing many good reviews from friends.

A very sincere local production which had me started out laughing in stitches but left me sobbing at the end. Beautiful elaborate costumes ($100,00 spent) and a brilliant cast. Liu Ling Ling was exceptionally outstanding and Mindee Ong and Yeo Yann Yann gave a very decent performance. The only exception being May and Choy whose acting were so amateurish.

Although you must be warned that there are some scenes whereby the special effects were over exaggerated and extremely stupid (and I am not exaggerating about the stupid part). It was also pretty hilarious how they managed to launch into a song every other minute. It's like watching a Hokkien version musical. Kekeke ............. (I wonder how 'Hairspray' matches up to this.)

Into the first 15 minutes, Ken was lamenting that the movie was super lame but beyond that 15 minutes, he started to really enjoy himself and even started singing together with the show. I had to shush him several times throughout the show because Ms. nose-high-in-the-air uppity potato was getting embarrassed by his flagrant display of his knowledge of the Hokkien songs :p Wahaha ........ Well I could hardly blame him, being Hokkien, he could feel a lot more for the show and those songs brought back memories of when he used to watch the Getais. In fact, he wants to get the DVD for his grandma when it's available.

Although the movie does not have much emotional depth, it still managed to wring those tears out of me towards the end. It doesn't help that those super sad songs were sung in Hokkien. Somehow in my opinion, the Hokkien language always manages to make a sad song ultra 'sadder'.

This movie had rekindled the interest in us to watch Getais again. We were thinking that we should organize a group outing to watch Getais together. Although I must confess that the word 'rekindle' is not apt for me as I had always thought Getais beneath me. *sheepish* But perhaps it's also with age that I have learnt not to be so judgemental. So now I am looking forward to watching a live Getai performance as oppose to the past where I would have cringed and smirk in distaste. Bring it on!

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