Wednesday, August 01, 2007

Happy nurses' day

Dear Lord please give me strength
To face the day ahead,
Dear Lord please give me courage
As I approach each hurting bed.

Dear Lord please give me wisdom
With every word I speak,
Dear Lord please give me patience
As I comfort the sick and weak.

Dear Lord please give assurance
As the day slips into night
That I have done the best I can
That I have done what's right.

:: Author Unknown

You might think that I am no longer a nurse since I no longer work as one. But I am still a State-Registered Nurse, registered with the Board of Nursing and more importantly at heart, still very much one too.

While I have bail out, I want to commend on all my dear sisters who have carried on to care for the sick. Happy nurses day to all the nurses in the world and to myself too!

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