Tuesday, August 07, 2007

Company Langkawi trip

Hi guys, miss me? Haha ........ yeah just wishful thinking on my part :p I didn't have the chance to tell you all but I went to Langkawi for a company trip over the weekends. We brought our doctors there for a joint meeting with the Malaysian team. So it was more work than play really.

And I was selected to go on this trip as a sort of a reward because I topped my team sales so far. I am sorry, I know I am blowing my own trumpet but please cut me some slack okay? I am just too excited and happy at how well things are going for me right now. I am not too sure how long good times will last so I am just basking in it while I can.

We stayed in Awana Porto Malai but I must confess that the hotel and food isn't too fantastic, so I wouldn't recommend it. However the company was great though. I managed to get to know my fellow colleagues a lot better after this trip and they were an awesome bunch! :DDD

It was practically work round the clock that I don't even know what my balcony view is like. Alright partially my fault too because I am such a sleepy head that I wake up late every morning so I don't have a chance to enjoy the beautiful sea view. And we each got to have our own room but that was not necessarily a good thing because it creeped me out to be sleeping alone in a strange place. And there was a night where all of us gathered in one of the extra room to play card games, my manager saw an apparition. Thank God he kept it to himself and only told us after we reached Changi Airport. If not, I would have totally freaked out during the trip!

And so now I am back and straight into the rat race again. Work, work, work and sales target, sales target, sales target! :p

In the flight on the way to Langkawi

Trying to capture as much scenery as I can while travelling on the coachWe were given less than 2 hours to shop cos schedule was so packed and yet all we were interested in getting were tidbits and beer from the supermarket! They were for our card games in the night. The beers were so cheap that we bought one of each kind of beer and had a beer sampling session :p The conclusion? Carlsberg special brew is the answer :)) Btw I spent only 70 ringgit for this entire trip! The Padi musuem - the scarecrows were actually kinda eerie
Alan, Ivan (my sales manager), Patricia, Selina, Embline & Kok Ying (my product manager)
Seafood dinner at the Padi musuem
We took a long walk to the beach on our last day but the condition of the beach was terribly disappointing
Just before we depart from the hotel
A last look at the scenery from the coach

The doctors teased us about never taken a plane before
So happy on the flight back

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