Friday, August 10, 2007

Pre-national day night out

Ken wanted to finish up his bottles of drinks that were left over in the pub since his birthday. Admittedly all of us weren't too keen to go back to the pub because it's super 'lok'. The only good thing about it is that you get to play pool free of charge. But no choice as Ken was dying to finish up the bottles so that we don't have to go back there ever again. Well it's a good thing that the FJC peeps were quite 'on' too.
It was ultra boring because I don't play pool (no point humiliating myself :p) and I didn't feel like singing. Thank goodness darling Ju, Kelly and Jamie were there to keep me company and so what did we do to keep ourselves amuse? Take pictures of course! Haha .......... Lots and lots of them :D
In the end, we still didn't manage to finish up the bottles but well heck it, not going back there again :p

P.S. Meg made us drinks today! Ken & I were asking her to ask the maid to pour drinks for us but she took a really long time and in the end turned up with 2 (princess) disposables cups in her hands. Quizzically, we asked her why did the maid serve us drinks in disposable cups? She said that the maid is bathing and she can't reach the glasses. So she initiated. It was not plain water, mind you. It was orange cordial. Wahaha ........ we were so impressed! Why am I making such a big deal? I'm so touched, it's her very 1st time pouring us drinks, I doubt she's ever poured a glass for herself! My girl is growing up :DDD

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