Wednesday, September 05, 2007

Forgotten pics in the camera

I brought Megan to watch the Hi-5 concert on Monday. Just when I was happily taking photos after photos at the concert, the camera informed me that my memory card is full (only 512MB). I then realised that there were many pics that were taken but forgotten. Urghhh ........... It goes to show I am starting to slag in blogging :p

Meg indulges in front of the camera during a FJC coffee session in Cosy Bay - all self-taken. I was highly amused when I saw these photos while uploading the camera. Haha ....... She's a natural!
A rare night out with Ken without Meg tagging along. Ken hasn't tried Ma Maison & so we decided on it.
I love escargots!
Ken decided he doesn't fancy Ma Maison that much afterall :p
Meg's kindergarten open house and we were invited to view the students' works
Outside her classroom
Pointing proudly to her art work :D
Dad celebrated his 52nd birthday on 18/8/07
Then Grandma celebrated her 94th birthday in a Teochew restaurant located in Keypoint on 1/9/07 - a total of 5 tables to accommodate the entire family. She has many grandchildren and great grandchildren.
My grandma adores Meg!
My beloved grandma who's taken care of me since I was a baby
I bought her a really delicious cake from Prima Deli
My grandma with her children - My 1st aunt, 2nd aunt, my mum, my dad & 3rd aunt (including an ultra-bored looking Megan)
Affection between great grandmother & great grand-daughter
Haha .......Meg seems very reluctant here :p
Meg is the precious gem in everyone's eyes. She's to help blow the candles and cut the cake.
My mum's side of the relatives
The Hi-5 concert held at the Singapore Expo
Meg loooves Hi-5! Her must-watch programme everyday.
Hee ...... she just lose 1 tooth a few days ago
Very pleased with the Hi-5 mug I bought her :)
I am guessing this will be her last Hi-5 concert cos hopefully she'll outgrow it by next year when she goes to Primary 1
Very entertaining & I enjoyed the concert as much as Meg did :)

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