Saturday, September 15, 2007

Building high performance team

I am sorry that I have not updated in a while. We had a 3 days 2 nights of company team building session in Amara Sanctuary Spa Resort on Monday. It's the new hotel in Sentosa and naturally of course it was great! Although the gym and pool is nothing to rave about but other than that it was a very comfortable stay. Everything was spanking new.

The days and the nights were packed full of activities and I am thoroughly beat. And after the programmes end officially each night, we held our own team building session which consists of silly games and alcohol drinking :D There were quite a couple of new colleagues that just joined us and through our nightly bonding session, new ties were forged. And of course with those colleagues that I was close with in the first place, we grew closer.

After all the companies that I had worked with, I must admit that this is one place that makes me feel happy about going to work. My colleagues are simply a wonderful bunch to work with. There are quite a few like-minded ones and we could really gel. They are always such a laugh :)

Kudos to the BHPT committee. Thanks for all the effort put into organizing this. It was truly well done!

Celebrated Andrew's birthday last Saturday with the FJC peeps in Melting Pot at Holiday Inn
A PSP from us (Now he's hook and pays more attention to the games rather than us during meet-ups :p)Happy birthday bro!With Eric

The guys
The gals
With sweetheart

Adjourned to 1 Rochester for drinks - great chill out place and we got a private room to ourselves

With darling Juliana - I am all red from the wine

The guy in-charge of the joint, Sugar (yep), came up with 3 of his own deadly concoction for Andrew

Haha ........ down after those 3 shots!
We were super on. After the late night of drinking, we woke up early for a day in the sun in Sentosa. Now I have a nice golden tan :D (Only took pics of myself while in Sentosa .........)
Both decided to strip for the camera while in Vivio City carpark
Had lunch/dinner in Thai Accent. Yummy!
Eric & James with very-burnt sweetheart
Activity packed day - went for bowling in Marina South after Vivio
The highest score I got was not even 100 :p
The very energetic group adjourned for supper in East Coast after bowling. But I cannot make it already so Ken sent me home first before joining them again.
1st day in Sentosa with my colleagues
Dinner in Thanying - a very expensive fine dining Thai restaurant
Appetizer - spring roll, Thai salad, Tom Yum soup and something wrapped in leaves
Main course - green curry, omelette , asparagus, prawn & steamed rice. All that for more than $70 per pax! I definitely wouldn't recommend it to anyone.The one in blue is Sow Cheng who is so unlucky to bunk in with me! :p Then pretty mamas, Evelyn & Amy.Great pals - Shawn, Joey & GregEmbline, Michelle, Joey, Jennifer, Stephanie & Diana
Taking the sky chair to have dinner & then take the luge
We were so busy taking pictures of ourselves that we didn't realise they have a camera mounted to take photos of us. So all we saw on the screen later was the 2 of us busy with my camera blocking our faces -_-""
Beautiful view from high above

That's us taking the sky chair for a 2nd time to go for another round of luge. Night had already descended. It's infinitely much more scary being so high up there at night. But I love the luge! It's so fun that I will want to bring Meg there soon.
Last day in Sentosa with my team members - we all looked extremely shagged
Last but not least, the peacocks seen roaming the hotel premises. There were so many of them. They even went knocking on one of my colleague's door! How exotic!

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