Thursday, August 25, 2005

Out of job

I've thrown in the towel, given my boss the sack, or whatever you might like to call it. But yes, I've finally done the deed.

Most people think that I'm mad to give up my ludicrious job & at a time when bonus is just round the corner. It wasn't an easy decision nor was it one that's made on impulse. It's something that's been weighing constantly on my mind. Now that I've been pushed to the limit & reached the point of no return, all I ask for is to preserve my sanity & dignity.

I was initially filled with apprehension & fear of what the unknown future beholds, but now I'm elated that I've made my choice. My heart has never felt as light in such a long time.

Of course to say that I'm not in the least bit afraid is delusional. There are times where I'm seized by panic attack & worry about my livelihood. 

My last day at work is on the 23 September 2005. I had better find something by then, or I can officially tuang with the Devils' Bitches. So if anyone has any lobang, you know where to find me.......

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