Friday, August 12, 2005

A silent prayer

Something happened today that made me change my perception of life forever. I saw the impermanence of life & understood that one should learn to let go.

The sister of my classmate/colleague has just passed away today. Her husband & her, met with a car accident in Perth while on a holiday. Tragically, her husband is gone as well.

The last I saw her was 1 month ago. She's the same age as me. She's 5 months pregnant.

As I sat & weep with my friend, I looked back in retrospect. Do you remember an old post where I questioned, is there meaning in staying alive? I'm now awashed with shame. Yes, I still think it's a pain to be be alive but I've started to realise that life is beautiful in it's own warped way. Life is to be cherished & we should spend every second appreciating what this short, impermanent life has to offer.

As I say a silent prayer to mourn for the ones gone, I would also like to say a prayer of thanks.

I want to thank my family; my mum ( for her unrelentless care & concern), Megan (for giving me a reason to go on living), & my 2 sis (for their loyalty towards their big sis).

I want to thank the Devils' Bitches (for being there for me whenever I need them).

I want to thank my colleagues; Grace, Felicia, Zarina, Azlinda, Siti, Christy, Trista, Liza, Balvir, Ravi, Yasin, Su Fern, & Angie (for being the angels watching over me at work).

I want to thank the greatest friends one could ever ask for; Nelly, Kennon, Bernie, Linley, Dick, Elni, Lini, Simon, Wayne, Kelly Koh, & Kelvin (for loving me the way I am & extending their unpretentious friendship).

I am indeed fortunate.

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