Sunday, August 14, 2005

Homeground finally!

Drats! I was planning to go for a tan but out of the blue it started to rain...... Arghhhhh!!! This is so infuriating. I do need a tan so very badly. * hint devils' bitches*
Well, guess I'll spend this rainy Sunday afternoon blogging instead.
I haven't been down to Devils Bar since May (*exclaims* has it been that long??!!). Finally it's back on homeground again on Friday night. It's a shame that Noelle couldn't join us but as it's Jeff's birthday, we decided to cut her some slack.
I've managed to meet a couple of friends that I haven't seen in a long while; Simon, Tommy, Alvin, Jason & Clyde. It was good seeing them again. And of course, there are those few pests that one inevitably meets when one goes clubbing.
How I missed dancing on the bartop & we actually heard 'the book is on the table'! Now I'm sore all over what with those vigorous dancing & sleek dance moves (hee...hee... If I might say so).
I didn't bring my camera that night & so I'll have to post using the pics that Miko & JuJu took. Alas...... JuJu has once again yet to update her blog. Therefore Miko's pics will have to do for now.

The famous DB6....erm, I meant DB5. Posted by Picasa
As I've gotta wake up at 7am the next morning, Simon had valiantly offered to give me a morning call. In spite of his call, I still can't drag myself out of bed. I'm so guilty, I've wasted his kind effort!

Thanz for the morning call, Simon! Posted by Picasa

Simply babelicious!!!!!! Posted by Picasa

Tequila shots - courtesy of JuJu Posted by Picasa

The famous Devils' Bitches on the famous Devils' Bartop. Posted by Picasa
Friday night has brought back many memories, mostly good ones. However, I think there are some songs I'll never dance to again. At least for now.......

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