Wednesday, August 17, 2005

A rainy sunday

Remember when I said on Sunday, I couldn't make it for suntanning cos it was raining. I eventually did!!!

Both Meg & I had a hard time dragging my sis, Erica, out of bed. (banging on the door, yelling at the top of our voices...) It was already 4pm when I finally made it to the pool. (yah 4pm still sleeping??!!) Well at that hour, it hardly qualifies as suntanning, but at least I did manage to get there.

We managed to spend a nice quiet Sunday afternoon frolicking in the water. The good time didn't last for long though, cos it started to rain an hour later. But despite that, I believe that everyone of us had a pretty good time. =)

precious Megan posing

now my turn to pose

bikini babes ;)

Erica & Megan

they were busy enjoying themselves in the water, while I was having a good time on dry land taking pics of them.

Meg & her sweet sweet smile

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