Tuesday, August 23, 2005

Grandma's birthday

It's terribly late now. I really should be in bed but I simply couldn't resist staying up to post these photos that I took of my grandma's birthday dinner on Saturday. So I'll just cut my story short & leave you guys to enjoy the photos!

Ms. Grouchy in the car on the way to dinner

In her cute cheongsam

My grandma's 92 birthday
Meg has a love-hate relationship with gramps - now she's showing her love side
Had a terrific time playing with her cousins at the dinner
Meg chose this cake & generously paid for it with all the money in her wallet
Positively yummy!!!
Notice the hand..... (*shakes head* the little imp is always disturbing gramps)

With my sis, Erica & my cousin, Jamie

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