Monday, August 01, 2005

Acute Tonsilitis

It seems the times I get to update my blog is when I am sick. Yes, sick once again. Acute tonsilitis this time. Gosh I never knew that it could be quite this bad. Never mind the fever, just the pain in the throat is enough to kill. It's so bad that even swallowing saliva makes me wanna cry. Now I'm feeling faint & weak after going on without solid food for the past 2 days.

Inspite of me being in pain & the entire clinic hunting me down, I'm feeling really really happy today. Delirious with joy in fact! I think he's back, I think I found him again. =) Haha... I don't think anyone will know what I'm talking about. But I just wanna shout & announce to the whole world that I'm happy again.

It's nurses' day today. I would like to wish the nurses in my clinic a very happy nurses' day & tell them how amazing they are. Most importantly, I want to tell them that I really appreciate their support for me & I could never ask for better colleagues than them. I'm just so lucky to have them.

I'm so sorry I can't go down to support Ju in the Devil's Idol competition tomorrow. I don't think I'll be up to it yet. But I'll be cheering for you all the way! JU JU JIA YOU!!!! Wo hui yong yuan zhi chi ni de!!! Wo ai ni!!! Do your best dear darling & break a leg!

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