Wednesday, September 29, 2010

What's the term for mooncake festival huh?

Not feeling particularly upbeat to be blogging about a festivity now but guess will have to make do. How many of you actually make it a point to celebrate Mid-Autumn Festival? I always do cos it's a night for reunion.

My state of health plummeted right after this meal :p

Just had to make space in our stomach for mooncakes in spite of a super filling dinner

Very thoughtful packaging that comes with a knife & wet napkins

My favourite - traditional plain lotus stuffing without egg yolk

Invited Daryl to join in the celebration with us

Our lanterns were sponsored by RWS :p

Sparklers too!

Pillow's 1st mid-autumn festival

Meg made Pillow put on her dollies' skirt

Our girly girl

Watcha looking at?

My beloved with her beloved

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