Wednesday, September 22, 2010

In conversation

Just to give you an idea how does conversation in a normal afternoon with Meg would go.

Me: It's Mid Autumn Festival. How do you think we should celebrate?
Meg: BBQ?
Me: Yah but I think the stupid neighbour upstairs will complain.
Meg *straight-faced*: Let's get a gun.


Meg *drawing*: Does this look like a 'L'?
Me: No.
Meg *adding more to drawing*: Now?
Me: No.
Meg *adds more*: Now?
Me: No.
Meg: Ok I think you're just not creative or artistic enough to see it.


Eating in Niwa Sushi.
Me: Their chawanmushi actually tastes quite good.
Meg: I love it when Sakae Sushi delivers.
Me: What? You meant the chawanmushi?
Meg: We're on the topic of chawanmushi, aren't we?


Starts pouring.
Me: Let's run!
Meg: But mum, you don't know how to run. THIS is running! *sped off*


Meg *sees me blogging*: What are you gossiping about this time?


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