Monday, September 13, 2010

Teochew porridge aka plain porridge nia lah

Extended the long holiday weekends by taking leave today but the unfortunate thing is that Meg's down with fever. So being a responsible mother, instead of the usual fast food home delivery or instant noodle, I decided to cook something to soothe my sick child's stomach - Teochew Porridge.

Meg nearly freaked out when I told her I wanted to cook porridge. "You KNOW how to cook porridge??!" Meg exclaimed a tad bit too suspiciously. Come on! Who doesn't know how to cook plain porridge? :p

Errr ..... in the end, I burnt it due to my enthusiastic Facebooking! *shamedface* (Thank god the part time help is here today or I'd have to scrub that super black pot.)

Side dishes? - No problemo. Everything came out of a can :p Hahaha ......... I'm such a wonderful mum!

Would have preferred it a bit more watery but it beats being burned (recooked in a new pot btw :p)

I dunno if any of you had tried this before but I love this - some sort of marinated minced pork

All-time ♥ - pickled lettuce

This - Megan loves!

A very simple meal but I grew up eating this. Meg & I both prefer this to any elaborate meal in a restaurant.

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