Tuesday, September 14, 2010

National Dog Walk 2010

How many of you were at the National Dog Walk on the 5th? Such a pity that it was raining, wasn't it? It'd have been a lot more fun if it wasn't quite so muddy.

Meg was so looking forward to the event. She was even more thrilled than Pillow when the weekend finally arrived (assuming Pillow knows what's going on :p).

Belinda with the help of Zanda brought her 4 furkids along too! OMG ...... I have no idea how she manages with 4 yelpy chihuahuas.

Gorgeous gorgeous dogs! ♥♥♥

All the dogs get to enjoy a slice of the birthday cake

None of our dogs ate the cake with the exception of Pillow. Junk food queen like her mistress?

We adjourned to the Dog Run @ West Coast Park after we left the event. Since Ling & Chelle were late, they joined us there with their precious instead.

The harness on Nike is mad chio!

The most well-behaved dog award goes to ....... Brownie!

LiLi & her baby

Shun had just bought a Nex-5 too. I like to think he was influenced after seeing the nice pics I took of them! Hahaha .......

Pillow enjoys a tummy rub more than anything else in the world

My precious babies!

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